Beta BrainWaves Therapy Meditation

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1 hour Beta BrainWaves Therapy Meditation MP3 Digital Download.

Beta brainwaves are considered “fast brain wave” activity. Beta brainwaves are brainwaves that cycle within the range of 12 – 38 Hz and are usually generated in the brain’s left-hemisphere.

Beta waves kick in when logically thinking, feeling stressed, and feeling tense. Beta is generally thought of as a “normal” rhythm and is dominant in people who are alert, anxious, or have their eyes open. Beta brainwaves are considered to be the normal brainwave pattern in healthy adults.

Most children and teenagers have dominant theta and alpha brainwave patterns. There isn’t a single brain wave pattern is better than the others – so don’t think beta brainwaves are some sort of miracle that your children need! If you happen to be deficient in the beta brain wave range, increasing them may feel like a miracle!

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